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Project description

Each society has its own culture which, through the characteristics making it differ from other ones, constitutes the feel of identity among its members. The basic condition of preserving the culture belonging to every community is passing on their cultural heritage. The process of coming into the culture is based on tradition, which may be defined as any inheritance, transferred from the passing generations to the ones beginning their adult life. The Werbkowice and the Ugniv areas fit in this process comprehensively. In both territories of the aforementioned local governments, still not that long ago, the Polish and the Ukrainians used to live side by side. Together they cultivated their belonging, the features of cultural heritage that were in common and the ones being different. Some political decisions, change of mentality and global development caused the common inheritance to disappear, as well as built the cultural barriers and made the level of social initiatives less than satisfactory.
Upholding and dissemination of the regional cultural heritage in the form of workshops, field staging of a ritual event and promotional vehicles gave the opportunity to raise the cultural awareness among the members of the local communities in the cross-border areas of the Werbkowice Commune and the Ugniv town.
Through realising the project together, the problems of both communities were solved, which had a great impact on the increase of cultural awareness and the increase in the level of cultivating and dissemination of cultural heritage, especially the rites, among the youth. The project influenced positively the economic condition of both areas, the promotion of cultural and tourist values of the areas of Werbkowice Commune and the Ugniv town.
The project answered to social and demographic changes having taken place in both partner areas from the middle of 20th century, which, to a great degree, obliterated the cultural identity and the sense of being one community among the inhabitants of the cross-border areas, constituting their common denominator. Nowadays, the young pay less and less attention to preserving the customs having been truly significant for former generations. The effect of globalisation destroys domestic cultures, influences the worth of art negatively, making it more and more mass and causing the changes to be irreversible.
In connection with the above, one ought to try to preserve our traditions. A life in a large, global community does not need to be an obstacle which may not be overcome. On one hand, everything in the world is beginning to become alike, on the other hand, though, we may point out our individual features. The pro-youth actions of both local governments are going to guarantee the development of initiatives connected with traditions of both regions and to uphold them for the years to come.
The indispensable condition of effectiveness of introducing new events, renewed traditions and objects to be put on a map of places worth visiting in both localities, is to make sightseeing more attractive. This objective is to be reached through popularising information about the actions taken in the course of the project measures, such as workshops, stagings of rituals, descriptions of cultural heritage presented in a traditional manner /publications, leaflets, display cases/ and by means of modern media /ICT tools/.
The project created the grounds for cross-border cooperation. Common management structures were established. Thus, the administrative structure, common for both partners, constituted a base for mutual and direct work on the project. A big added value of this project is that people from organisations and institutions from both sides of the border get to know each other, learn cultural and linguistic codes, customs and traditions, and find out about the opinions and views on the cross-border cooperation. While the project was realised by both partners, leaders or key persons were identified. As a result of such relationships, friendship among people working on the project was struck and trust was built. That is the priceless capital, especially in Ukraine, where decision making is based upon personal contacts rather than procedural qualities. Such institutional and interpersonal capital is truly precious.
Answering to the problem of barriers made by the partners of the project, setting specific goals aiming at removing any obstacles, the partners anticipated the measures serving the raise of awareness among the local communities, upholding the identity and tradition of cultural heritage of the Werbkowice and Ugniw regions (being the areas of hundreds of years common religious and cultural tradition) up to “searching for and preserving the roots” of the cultural heritage of the homelands as a result of taking part in the cycle of tasks of the project.


The Werbkowice Commune as a Leading Partner of the Micro-project, together with Partner No.1, the Ugniw Town Council, is carrying out the Micro-project “Let us reconstruct in our imagination the things that no longer exist and complete the picture of reality with them”, No. BUG/06/K/14, within the framework of the Umbrella Project prepared by the Association of Local Governments in the Bug Euroregion. The name of the project is „The Culture of the Borderland as a Bridge to Integration of Local Communities in the Bug Euroregion”, co-financed with the funds from the Poland – Belarus – Ukraine Cross-Border Cooperation Programe 2007-2013.

Expected micro-project completion date: 01/03/2014 – 30/09/2014

The main objective if the micro-project is to raise the awareness among the communities of the cross-border area in the Werbkowice Commune and Ugniw through maintaining and propagating the cultural heritage of the region, in the form of workshops, outdoor staging of the ceremonial event and the promotion vehicles.

Detailed objectives: 1. Protection, preservation and effective usage of the cultural heritage of cross-border meaning in the competence areas of both partners /the Werbkowice Commune and Ugniw/. 2. The increase of knowledge among the inhabitants of both partner areas in the field of cultivation of the rituals, as a result of the project operations. 3. Tightening of partnership – intensification of the local cross-border cooperation in the regions of Webkowice and Ugniw, as well as deepening of mutual uderstanding and integration of the local communities settled on both sides of the Polish - Ukrainian borderland through joint learning about their culture and traditions.

It is envisaged in the project that actions taken are aimed at raising the cultural awareness of the local communities, preserving the identity and the tradition of cultural heritage of the Werbkowice and the Ugniw regions through the participance/activation of the Werbkowice and the Ugniw youth (from the regions of several hundred years’ common religious and cultural traditions) in order to „search for and preserve the origins” of the cultural heritage of their homelands, by means of taking part in a series of stationary and field workshops – „live lessons”, preceded by a workshop-studio meeting. Among others, the youth leaders from the areas of both local government units are to be invited to the meeting in order to discuss the details of the project, such as proposals of the choice and dividing up the possible rituals to be staged in the course of the project operations. The workshops are to take place in two series: in Poland and in Ukraine. On the basis of the activities taken during the workshops, the event called „The field staging of the ritual event” is to be prepared, with the participation of the youth and the project participants. This event will reconstruct the ancient customs and ceremonies observed on the territories of the beneficiaries of the project.

The participants of the project – the target group – will be the youth from the Werbkowice Commune and from Ugniw, the participants of the workshop-studio meetings, among others, representatives of formal and informal organisations, including youth groups, representatives of school youth, employees of the local government units, representatives of local communities and cultural institutions; the recipients/spectators of two Outdoor Stagings of Ritual Event /up to 400 people at both project’s partners/. After ending the project’s realization, a “Ritual Circle” will be created by the participants of the project – one in each area – Werbkowice and Ugniw.

The final beneficiaries of the project are inhabitants of the Werbkowice Commune (about 10,000 people), the Ugniw Town (about 1,000 people), and potential tourists.

The value of financial support gained constitutes 90% of eligible costs of the micro-project, which amounts to 37,016.98 EURO.


“This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union within Joint Operational Programme Poland--Belarus-Ukraine 2007-2013. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Werbkowice Community and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.”