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A screenplay for carollers’ groups 

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Andrzejki (St. Andrew’s Night)

The emcee: Among the holidays in autumn and winter, probably the most interesting one stands out – that is, St. Andrew the Apostle’s Day, or, like they call it in Ukraine, Kalita. The holiday is celebrated on 13th December, constituting a logical continuation of youth parties, during which girls and boys were searching for future wives and husbands.

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A screenplay of the Kupala’s Night

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In the country, in the period between Christmas and Epiphany, one could watch the so-called ‘Herody’, or groups playing the biblical scenes from the birth of Jesus. The tradition was to add some amusing folk motifs. To the typical characters in carollers’ groups belonged also the Shepherds, the Biblical Magi, the Lout and the Hag (the women’s parts were played by boys as well), the Jew, the Death, the Devil, the Gypsy, the Soldier, the Policeman, the Chimney Sweeps and the Bandsmen. The Christmas greeting were told in rhymes or special carols or songs. At the same times, practical jokes were played and amusing rhymes were recited, so that the show was accompanied with a very joyful atmosphere.

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St. Andrew’s Night

Andrzejki (St. Andrew’s Night) in Poland is celebrated at night between 29th and 30th November, that is, on the eve of St. Andrew’s Day. It is a special evening, as, according to tradition, St. Andrew reveals some secrets to everyone wanting to know about their future in Love, health and work matters. This evening has always been dedicated to matrimonial fortune-telling. St. Andrew has been thought to give husbands to women, and the day in his memory was devoted for girls’ fortune-telling. In the past, it was not enough to go to sleep hoping that St. Andrew would let one in on a secret of their fate. People used to compete in giving ideas on how to learn about the future from a variety of signs.

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