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Field staging of the ritual event in Ukraine

On the fifth day of the workshops (14.10.2014), the participants, prepared a part of staging of Midsummer’s Eve ritual (the traditional Midsummer’s Eve dance). The event was accompanied with a presentation of ancient customs (live feed of rites and local traditions) and performances of children’s, youth and adult folk groups.

The participants of the workshops also were able to taste the traditional Cossack cuisine. At 7.00 pm (of the Ukrainian time), the Polish youth performed a traditional dance with fire, peculiar to Midsummer’s Eve, constituting a part of a theatrical production.

Field staging of the ritual event in Poland

On the fifth day of the workshops  (27/07/2014), the participants made the remaining props used during the field staging of the ritual event (racks for wreaths, wreaths, jewellery). The characters were made up (costumes and make-up).
The Midsummer’s Eve ceremony was staged in the football stadium in Werbkowice by the river Huczwa. The event was accompanied with presentation of ols customs, shown by the Chorągiew Rycerstwa Ziemi Lubelskiej Association (the Knights of the Lublin Land Force Association) and “folk talks” by the local experts in the field of cultural heritage as a live record of local rituals and traditions.
The participants prepared ritual games and playful activities during which the audience could, among others, obtain or make themselves ritual amulets. Children could have their faces and arms painted. Furthermore, artistic performances were prepared (a folklore performance by the Ukrainians and dancing with fire by the Polish).
The staging of the Midsummer’s Eve ceremony began at 9.00 pm with the participants of the workshops march through with torches. Old customs and rituals of Midsummer’s Eve in Poland were presented. Both Polish and Ukrainian participants of the project took part in the event. The appropriate natural scenery and vicinity of the river made it possible to achieve the expected effect by means of the passage with torches, lighting bonfires, burning herbs, dancing around the fire, the ritual of throwing wreaths into the water and symbolic rinsing with water.
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