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Annual and Periodical Events in Werbkowice

The cultural, sports and leisure attractiveness in the Werbkowice Commune  has its source in a number of events and undertakings. Most of them are recognized brands and supralocal range which makes them tourist products. This group of events includes: 

·          The Werbkowice Holiday and the Boiler’s Day – July – a two-day mass event; a cycle of concerts, shows and other artistic and entertainment events, presentation of traditional products of the Werbkowice area, prepared by the Farmers’ Wives Associations and Senior Citizens’ Club from Werbkowice

·          The Lublin Region Street Bands Festival – June – a festival in the form of a contest; presentation of the so-called urban folk, a repertoire characteristic for street bands

·          Supradistrict Festival of Marian Songs for Youth, taking place in the old St. Michael the Archangel’s church in Werbkowice – May – a vocal and instrumental contest; presentation of religious hymns

·          Supradistrict Choir Festival – November – a contest for choirs, promoting folk creative work of singing groups (including duos and soloists) from different districts

·          The Artistic Carolling, taking place in Our Mother Perpetual Help church in Werbkowice – January – a religious event; musicians and vocalists invited performing carols and pastorals in the parish church

·          Cabaret Meetings in Werbkowice – February – a contest for cabaret groups

·          The Harvest Festival (the village and the communal ones) – September – religious and lay event; a folk festival connected with thanksgiving prayers, accompanied with performances of folk bands, shows, tasting of local food and so on

·          Our Christmas Eve – a Christmas meeting for the inhabitants of the whole Commune (common prayers, carolling, a nativity play and preparation of dishes characteristic for Christmas Eve by Farmers’ Wives Associations and the Senior Citizens’ Club)

·          ORLIK CUP – a football tournament; the prize is the Administrative Officer of the Commune’s Cup – May

·          Periodical volleyball and futsal games (league games)

·          The Nationwide Boiler’s Road Running – April

·          The District Canoeing on the Huczwa and the Bug – July/August


Annual and Periodical Events inUgniw

Festivals divided in accordance with specialisation:

•Art festivals (Land Art, Street Art);

•Theatrical festivals;

•Music festivals (of ethnic, classical, jazz and contemporary music, etc.);

•Sport festivals;

•Book festivals (the Festival of Books);

•Film festivals (the Flm Festival);

•Gastronomic festivals (of national cuisine, beer, coffee, confectionery, etc.);

•Festivals for children

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